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Gentle & Friendly Care for Your Feet

Most Insurance and PPO's Accepted

Open Monday - Saturday

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Your foot and ankle combine the inner-workings of 26 bones;  that's a lot of moving parts to keep you at peak performance during your sporting event! Get specialized treatment and prevention for a variety of sports-related injuries in your foot or ankle. Emergency service available!

Evening and weekend appointments available!

You'll be amazed by what our custom-made orthotics can do for your foot or ankle. Work with our experts to construct an orthosis that fits the demands of your foot, sport and budget. We accept most insurances and PPO's.

Enhance performance with orthotics

Keep your feet and ankles at their best by coming to DiSomma Foot and Ankle Clinic for a variety of preventative treatments specially designed for the demands of your sport. Our prevention keeps you on the field longer!

Prevention for top performance

- Fractures

- Ankle sprains

- Infections

- Heel and arch pain

Emergency sports medicine treatment for foot and ankle injuries:

Get back on the field faster with our foot and ankle care

- Surgery treatment

- Athlete's foot

- Children's injuries