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Most Insurance and PPO's Accepted

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The doctors at DiSomma Foot and Ankle Clinic,  have years of experience in treating children's foot disorders. The warm and friendly staff make your child feel comfortable while the doctor diagnoses podiatric problems and implements the right treatment measures. We are always available to treat emergencies and injuries of the foot and ankle.

Most insurances and PPO's

are accepted!

Your child may be a candidate for customized orthotics. Because their tiny feet grow bigger so fast, we offer coverage for replacement of the orthotics as the foot grows.  Call for a free initial consultation of your child's feet.

Orthotics Program for Children

Outside of our expert pediatric care, we also have a variety of other effective treatment options for foot and ankle issues like heel pain, sports injuries, geriatric care, diabetic care and laser treatment.

Comprehensive foot treatments

- Night leg cramps

- Flat feet

- High arches


Make an immediate appointment if your child is experiencing:

We want to grow with your child's every step.

- Toeing in

- Toeing out

- Other gait problems